Where is Arvel from?

My guess is...


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I'm 91% certain Arvel is male.

According to a dataset of 23, the average Arvel is around 55 years old.

Origins of the name Arvel

Origins English

Gender Masculine

Traits include: mature, strong, strange, serious, nerdy

Meaning unknown, possibly a variant of Arwel.

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How do we know this about Arvel

(and is it secret spies?)

We use a combination of data from the internet, and our own Machine Learning models to make these predictions.
In a gist, we use a Machine Learning model trained on a diverse global dataset of 100m+ names, and use it to predict different traits for a person based on first name!
NameGuessr guesses a person's nationality, age, and gender based on their name. We also try to give insightful info around the name's origin, name meaning, and name pronounciation.