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Predict a person's nationality, age, and gender using only a first name!

first names only, no spaces.

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Why should you try NameGuessr

(cause it's awesome?!)

Your given name is special and gives you a clue where you came from 🙌. Begin learning more about yourself and your friends simply by entering your first name! 👌

Through artificial intelligence we predict nationality, age, and gender given only a name. We also provide information around the name's origin, meaning, pronounciation, and related names!

How it works

(it's magic)

NameGuessr is a fun online tool for predicting the nationality, age, and gender of a person given only a first name. NameGuessr also provides name origin information, name pronounciation, and more!

NameGuessr uses next-generation Machine Learning combined with a global dataset of over 100m people to predict a person's identity. Because of this, NameGuessr may not be accurate all the time and results are solely based on our dataset which may contain biases.

The tool is intended for entertainment, we provide no guarantees on its results.

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